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Thank you for your interest in the Wohlwagen. The model shown here is just an example for the wide range of layouts, furnishings and equipping possible. Tell us about your own ideas - we will be glad to help in turning them into reality.
There is a multitude of possible uses for a Wohlwagen. You can turn it into a retreat just for yourself or with a partner; additional space for a growing family, a studio or a sauna in the garden; into a mobile office, a therapeutic space or a holiday home; your main place of residence, into a workshop or a youth centre; an annex for a kindergarten, a seasonal information centre or a mobile restaurant, pub or bar; a hotel consisting of several Wohlwagens; an annex for a restaurant, either as a smokers’ lounge or as an eye-catcher to draw attention to the main building. There are hardly any limits except for those imposed by your own imagination.
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