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Power, water, sewage

The ideal case is if it is possible to connect the Wohlwagen to the public networks, for instanced if a building is nearby. If the gradient of the sewage pipes to the building is not sufficient, it may be necessary to install a pump. If the distance is too great, it may be possible to install a small water treatment plant or an underground tank which will have to be emptied in regular intervals. A flush lavatory is the single biggest drain on the water supply, it can be replaced by a Scandinavian-style separation toilet (see pricelist and HERE ((LINK))). If the Wohlwagen cannot be connected to the water mains, one can consider the use of rainwater for non-drinking purposes. In this case, tanks under or in the vehicle with rainwater feeds and overflows or a larger tank buried underground are a prerequisite. Electric energy can be generated by a photovoltaic plant (solar power), combined with the use of gas for the refrigerator, cooking and heating water, one can turn the Wohlwagen into a nearly completely self-sufficient abode.
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